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La vez, la vez noche! Source BleacherReport title The best things to do in Las Vegas 2017

Bleacherreport article Los Angeles Clippers guard DeAndre Jordan was on the court for Sunday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets in Las Vegas, where he had some time to celebrate the upcoming season and was spotted doing some shopping for a new shoe.

He bought a pair of Jordan Brand shoes at a local store for $2,600.

The sneakers were custom-made and came with a pair to go.

Jordan’s new shoe also has a unique design.

The heel and upper are made out of a mesh, and the upper is made out in leather.

The shoes are part of Jordan’s brand Jordan Brand, and are part, Jordan said, of the company’s commitment to “honoring the culture of the Clippers and to making our team stronger.”

Jordan did not play against the Nets on Sunday, but did watch the game with his family, including wife, daughter and sons.

The Clippers have had some success this season and are ranked fourth in the Western Conference with a 23-8 record.

They’ve won their past six games and have now won nine of their past 10 games.

Jordan is currently tied for fifth in the NBA with 21.8 points per game, which ranks third on the team behind Blake Griffin (21.9) and DeAndre Liggins (21).

The Clippers have won five of their last six games, including a six-game win streak from March 18-26.