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Apple, Google strike new agreement for data centers

The Apple, Amazon and Google have reached a landmark agreement that would allow them to run data centers across the country, the companies announced Monday.

The agreement is the latest step toward the convergence of data centers for Apple, AppleInsider reported.

It was signed Monday by Jeff Williams, Apple’s vice president of data center operations, and Jason Kondik, Google’s vice-president of data centre operations.

The deals come as Google and Amazon are under fire from local governments and consumer groups over their practices and privacy policies.

The companies have said the privacy policies are necessary to ensure their operations are safe and secure.

Apple’s data centers are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas, Austin and Houston, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Google announced its data centers in New York and San Francisco in December.

Apple announced its facilities in Cupertino, California, in May.

The deal with Google and Apple could create thousands of new jobs.

Apple is the largest data center company in the world, with 2.5 million employees in 24 states, according to the Wall St. Journal.

Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have their data centers on the East Coast.