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The next great game for VR and AR: SEGA

In an interview with Wired magazine, the developer behind the popular arcade game SEGA Genesis talked about the future of VR and augmented reality and what it takes to make a game that could potentially take over a generation of gaming.

Sega is one of the few major companies to have announced a VR and/or AR headset that’s on the market right now, and its new headset, the Gear VR, looks to be a great step forward in the evolution of gaming’s virtual reality market.

In a video interview with the magazine, CEO Yasuhiro Tsujimoto explained that the company is “really excited about the way that technology is moving forward,” and the “huge opportunity for VR that we have here.”

Tsujimoto, who’s also known for his work on the popular fighting game BlazBlue, explained that there’s a lot of room for VR in games and he thinks “we’re going to see more and more of that.”

Sega said that it’s not going to start selling its headset until at least 2020, and Tsujito said he expects to see VR headsets in the near future, but it would be “crazy” to predict when.

He also said that the Gear SVR “will have the same resolution as a smartphone,” which is very different from how VR headsets typically perform.

“The VR headset is really about the VR experience, but in the same way that smartphones are about a phone and the display of the phone is a small display, the VR headset will be about a big display, and we want to make sure that it feels the same.

The display is not going be small.

It’s going to be big, so you will be able to see all these things you normally can’t see in a smartphone.”

When asked about what VR and VR headsets will look like in the future, Tsujimura said that we don’t know, but he hopes “that we’ll be able create a virtual reality experience where we can see everything in the world in one shot.”SCEA president and CEO John Riccitiello was equally excited about SEGA’s plan to bring VR to the masses, and said that his company’s vision is to make “VR games as compelling as games on television.”

“We are in a position to create something that will be absolutely amazing,” he said.

“If you’re going for a VR experience you’re not going for the game experience, you’re really going for what the VR is all about: making you feel like you’re part of a live, interactive world.

We want to bring it to a wide audience, not just the ones that are on television. “

When you look at SCEA’s vision of VR, it’s a VR vision.

We want to bring it to a wide audience, not just the ones that are on television.

I’m not sure that we’re in the position yet to do that.”

Tsunimoto said that SEGA is “very close” to finalizing a deal with Valve, the game publisher behind the Steam platform, and that he expects that the two will “create a VR version of the game that’s more accessible than any other VR game.”

“If we were to announce a VR game that we were really excited about and Valve would want to partner with us on it, we would be in a good position to make that happen,” he added.

“We’re really excited by what Valve is doing.”