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Company says it won’t pay workers in San Diego for overtime

A company that makes body wash products is telling workers it won�t pay them overtime, citing California�s new overtime law.

San Diego-based SanDiego Sewing, a company with more than 100 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, said Friday it will pay employees a salary of $10.25 an hour for most of 2018, but it plans to give overtime pay to some employees, including some who work 12-hour shifts.

SanDiego said it has been negotiating a contract for a new contract for about six months and has been working with its union to help the company comply with the new law.

The company said it had been planning to pay overtime but that it was unable to because of the law.

It said it�s not aware of any other workers who are being paid overtime.

San Diego is one of more than 200 companies that have already agreed to pay workers for overtime under a state law passed in January.

The new law prohibits employers from imposing mandatory overtime pay, and it applies to workers who work more than 40 hours a week and who are compensated by the government for a certain percentage of their pay.

Companies that do not meet the law�s minimum wage requirements must pay overtime for workers at least 40 hours per week.

That includes those who work 20 or more hours per day and those who are paid by the state for more than 60 hours per year.

In some cases, companies may pay overtime to employees who are employed part time and whose work is done in-house.

San Francisco, with more people, has the most businesses that are complying with the law and paid overtime in the Bay Area.