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Which healthcare firms earn the highest salaries?

In our latest healthcare earnings report, we look at the top 10 companies that earn the most in salary and compensation per employee.

The top 10 payers per company, according to our analysis:Mylan: $19,200,000,000Aetna: $15,600,000Mylan Medical: $14,900,000UnitedHealth Group: $13,500,000CareFirst: $12,800,000HealthcareOne: $11,900.000United Technologies: $10,800.000Pharmaceutical giantsUnitedHealth Care and Pfizer have both been among the top earners per employee at $17,000 and $20,000.

The two companies together earned more than $200 million in 2014.

The other top-earning healthcare firms are Cigna ($16,400,000), Kaiser Permanente ($15,400), Aetna ($13,800), Anthem ($12,400) and Allianz ($11,000).

Here’s what you need to know:1.

Who are the top ten healthcare payers?

The top ten companies that earned the most salary and per employee in 2014 were as follows:Monsanto Company: $18,000Cigna: $16,000FMCG: $17.2Aetana: $9,700UnitedHealth: $8,900Pfizer: $7,800Health Care One: $6,900United Technologies (U.S.): $6.1Aetion: $5,400UnitedHealth and Pfiz: $4,800Pharmacy giant UnitedHealth has a total of 5,400 employees, which equates to a pay rate of $13.2 per hour, according the latest available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.2.

What’s the best healthcare pay for the best job?

The most popular jobs are physician and physician assistant, according data from Glassdoor.

The highest-paid job in the healthcare industry is assistant professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a professor at Harvard Medical School, according Glassdoor data.

Medscape Medical: Salary of associate professor, $104,200.3.

Who’s the top healthcare payer?

Mylan Healthcare: $21,200UnitedHealth Healthcare: ($18,600)Cignab: $20Mylan Pharmaceuticals: $26,600CareFirst Global: $22,000Pharma giant Pfizer is one of the top five payers at $27,400.4.

What are the perks of being a healthcare employee?

In our healthcare earnings analysis, we looked at the most popular healthcare perks for healthcare employees.

The perks include health insurance, access to healthcare, sick leave, 401(k) plans, and the ability to deduct their salaries.5.

What is the highest paid healthcare job in America?

The highest-paying healthcare job for a U.S. employee is at a doctor’s office, according research by PayScale.

That means the CEO of a healthcare company makes more than an entire CEO of an average U.K. company.