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Two of the world’s biggest internet search engine giants are in talks to merge into one company

Two of Canada’s biggest online search engines are in discussions to merge.

The two companies are seeking to acquire one of the largest search engine companies in the world, SeoWeb.seoWeb, which was founded in 2011 and operates in Canada and the U.K., and its parent company, Seodirect, which operates in South Korea and the United States.

They want to become the largest online search company in the Americas.

It would be Seo-Web’s second acquisition.

In April, the company was valued at $2.9 billion, but was valued by analysts at $1.4 billion.

Seoweb is the second-largest search engine in the United Kingdom with 1.2 billion monthly users.

It had a market capitalization of $6.3 billion at the end of the year, according to Thomson Reuters.

It has an annual revenue of $10.4 million.

Seodiric, which had $1 billion in revenue in 2016, is in talks with Canadian companies to buy out SeoNet.

SeodaWeb, founded in 2008, is also in talks, according a statement from the companies.

The companies want to merge because they share many of the same goals: to create the world´s largest online marketplace for information, entertainment and other products, and to provide a platform for companies to deliver the best possible content to users, the statement said.

“It would be great for our shareholders and our employees to share in the growth of both companies,” said Scott Wiens, SeodaNet’s chief executive officer, in a statement.

Seong Hee-ho, SeodoWeb’s chairman, said in a blog post last week that the two companies have been discussing the possibility of the companies merging for several months.

“We look forward to discussing the next steps with our investors and partners,” he wrote.

The merged company will be known as SeoCom and will focus on “creating the worlds leading online marketplace” for content and entertainment, according the Seo Web blog post.

The company will continue to operate as a subsidiary of Seodircom, SeodeoWeb said in its blog post announcing the deal.

In February, Seong said that Seocom would remain independent from Seo Net.

The combined company would be led by Seong and would be headquartered in Montreal.