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This Long Island company is suing the police for allegedly breaking its privacy agreement

This Long Beach-based company says it has been threatened by police officers, threatened with arrest, and even taken to court for violating its privacy agreements.

In its latest lawsuit, the Long Beach Police Department alleges that the company, which is based in Long Beach, California, has violated its privacy by sharing information with the city. 

The company says in the lawsuit it is a “small business that creates and sells online services, which provide the community with a seamless and seamless user experience.” 

The lawsuit also accuses the Long Island Police Department of violating the First Amendment, First Amendment rights of others, and unfair business practices. 

Long Beach police have said in a statement that the city does not have an official policy for how law enforcement officers can use the company’s services.

In a statement to FoxNews.com, a spokesperson for the city said, “We don’t have an exact policy for sharing police information with other agencies and we don’t believe it should be a problem.

If a local law enforcement agency requests information from us, we will not share it with them.

We will work with the district attorney’s office to review any requests for information.”

The Long Beach police department also said that the Long Islanders are welcome to share information with police and their partners.

“We are very much looking for the Long Isle community and are willing to share anything we can,” the department said.

The Long Island police department has not responded to Fox News’ requests for comment.

According to the company website, its services include a “mobile app for residents, business owners, and individuals looking for more information on local businesses, businesses, events, and the local environment,” a social media platform, a podcast, and more.