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Dallas-based Dallas-area company offers home-based robot to help in disaster relief

A company that sells robots for use in disaster response is offering one to homeowners who need them to help with chores and other tasks.

Dallas-based Eros Robotics says it is testing a robot called Eros, which will be the first robot designed to be used for home-building and landscaping.

The robot is being marketed to people who want a robot that can help them with tasks that aren’t usually covered by a robot such as landscaping, carpentry, or landscaping tasks that require some dexterity.

Eros will be sold at local retailers, like Target and Walmart.

It has a price tag of about $1,000.

Eros is being offered at a small number of local retailers and will be in stock by Thanksgiving, said company President and CEO Steve Calk.

It will be available at stores that carry robots from other companies.

Ero is being built to be a high-tech helper that is easy to operate and doesn’t require a lot of training, Calk said.

The company will be able to deliver supplies and make repairs to homes in need, he said.

The company said it has been selling Eros for about two years, but was looking for a way to make it available to homeowners.

Ero is designed to help people with tasks such as cleaning, gardening, and other chores, according to a news release.

Calk said the company is working with the Dallas Fire Department and local governments to get the robot in the hands of homeowners.

The release did not say when or where Eros would be available.