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How to build a seo service from the ground up with a $1 million seed fund

Calgary-based seo services provider Calysseo is now looking to raise $1.5 million to build its first-ever service.

The company, which started as a Calgary-area startup, is seeking to raise seed funding from investors including The Green Ventures, Founders Fund, and First Round Capital.

The Calgary-born seo developer, who previously built a $2.5-million seo cloud-based service, said the seed round will fund the creation of a new startup in the technology sector, which will provide a “real world” solution for people to manage their assets.

“It’s about building the infrastructure for people’s wealth,” said Calysseyo co-founder and CEO James Cawthon.

“We want to create a service where you can manage your assets in real-time.

We want people to use it to do real-world things, to take advantage of the benefits of the technology.”

Calysseya said it plans to launch its service in early 2018, with the goal of launching a pilot service in 2018.

It is also looking to expand its business in Canada.

Calysseys service currently focuses on managing assets through its Calgary-focused website Calysselo.ca.

In Calgary, Calyssseo currently offers a suite of online tools for people with assets under $10 million, such as property tax assessments, credit checks and other documents.

It is also a service that works with governments to manage tax payments, including tax refunds, as well as other assets.

The Calysssseo website has over 1 million visitors a month.

It recently announced plans to acquire the Chicago-based company Acocks Green, which offers seo and asset management services.

Acocks Green was founded in 2015 by two ex-Googlers and is run by former Google executives.

The two companies launched their first service, Acocksseo Asset Management, in 2016.

In 2017, Acocksses services expanded to Canada with the launch of Acockss Green Asset Management.

Acocksss Green is now a registered investment company in Alberta, which allows it to invest in and conduct private placements of assets in Alberta and other provinces.

The Alberta-based startup said it currently offers clients a range of assets ranging from home improvements to business property, with services available in more than 200 countries.