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Which companies are buying up Houston’s top internet marketing companies?

Top internet marketing firms have been snapping up Houston-based Seo Internet Marketing company and the other companies it has acquired since the 2016 hurricanes hit.

The acquisitions include several of Houston’s largest companies and an Austin-based company that helps companies manage social media.

Seo also acquired a social media analytics company called VantageScore.

Seolink, which has been working on the acquisition of Twitter, also acquired another Houston-area company, HST Analytics.

HST Analytics is a social analytics company that uses data from its Twitter analytics platform to help advertisers better understand the behavior of their social media fans.

HST CEO and co-founder Josh Miller said the acquisitions will help Seo expand its business across the United States.

Miller said he and Seo CEO Tom Waggoner met in January with representatives from Twitter to discuss buying the company.

Miller told The Jerusalem Report that Twitter had told him the company was “committed to helping us expand.”

Miller said Seo has already purchased HST’s analytics business and that the company will be acquiring the Twitter analytics company.

Seo’s acquisitions come as Houston’s tech community has been devastated by the storms.

Houston’s public schools were closed for more than a week and students were forced to go to schools and colleges without access to the internet.

The hurricane had devastating effects on the city’s public transit system, as well as on its universities. 

Seo bought a number of Houston- and Austin-area companies in March.

Seocom bought Houston-focused social media platform Lighthouse. 

HST bought Austin-focused and Houston-backed analytics company Veritas in March and Veritas is one of the company’s biggest investors.

“Seo is well positioned in a rapidly growing market with a strong social media presence and an established network of clients in both the US and Canada,” Miller said.

“We’re thrilled to be working with them to bring Seo to Houston.” 

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