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Why you should keep your iPhone from getting hacked

Apple, which has seen a sharp rise in cyberattacks over the past year, has issued a warning that iPhone hackers are likely targeting its own software.

The company released its “Protect Your Phone” website on Thursday to help users protect their phones from cyberattacks, and it said it is aware of the potential threat.

“As soon as we learn of an attack that compromises iPhone functionality, we work closely with the affected device manufacturers to assess the situation,” the site reads.

“If a device manufacturer determines that there is a genuine issue with the device, we will contact the device manufacturer and provide an update.

If the device manufacturers decide to resolve the issue, they will be notified and we will provide an upgrade.”

Apple’s website, which contains instructions on how to protect your phone from cyberattackers, says it is not responsible for any data lost or stolen, and urges users to always use an encrypted connection.

“We have worked hard to protect iPhone users from cyber attacks,” the company said.

“However, as a service provider, we are always concerned about any data that is lost or damaged, and we have to act quickly to prevent it.”

The FBI and the National Security Agency, which are tasked with fighting cybercrime, have both reported an increase in smartphone hacking attempts in recent months, with more than a million attacks against smartphones reported by cybersecurity firms in the past two years.

Apple has been criticized for its failure to take action, and has faced criticism from lawmakers and consumer advocates for its slow response to the increasing number of cyberattacks.

In April, the company acknowledged that its security teams were working on a new “Smart Lock” feature, which would make it harder for hackers to steal your iPhone.

But the feature was delayed to this year.

Apple also acknowledged that it was not fully prepared to address the growing number of hacking attempts against iPhones, saying it was working on new software updates to address any weaknesses in the iPhone software.