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Top seo firms sue over boycott

Top seos, which operates the world’s largest ecommerce marketplaces, are being sued by several of its own employees in a legal effort to overturn the boycott.

The lawsuit filed in San Diego Superior Court last week accuses the company of failing to take steps to avoid violating a boycott resolution adopted by the company’s board in May.

In the suit, one of the firms, SEO Companies, says it “has repeatedly and actively participated in” efforts to boycott companies that it deems to be in violation of a boycott by the Arab boycott campaign.

“In addition, SEOs have been involved in efforts to support boycott efforts by others,” the lawsuit states.

“SEOs have actively supported efforts to condemn the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as efforts to promote boycotts by companies that support boycott of Israel.”

According to the lawsuit, the boycott resolution, which took effect in May, called for a boycott of the companies that “support or support BDS” and called for “immediate and total economic and social boycotts” against those companies.

But according to a report from the company, which sells products and services to consumers worldwide, the resolution has not yet been adopted.

“We have never supported BDS, which is a racist and anti-Semitic ideology that seeks to destroy Israel,” the company said in a statement released to The Jerusalem Report.

“Nor have we supported boycotts, which are the most effective and powerful way to fight racism, oppression and discrimination.”

The lawsuit, however, goes further, accusing SEOs of engaging in “subversive conduct,” “substantially undermining” a boycott campaign and “inciting the public to engage in subversion.”

The company also alleges that the resolution’s “procedures for determining the appropriateness of a company’s support for BDS have been implemented by the board without adequate consideration of whether boycotts will or will not be effective.”

“It is our belief that the board has implemented its boycott resolution with the sole purpose of stifling a boycott effort by those companies, including SEOs, that support BDS,” the filing reads.

SEOs filed a lawsuit against the San Diego-based company on May 13, 2017, accusing it of violating the company policy of not taking “any position on boycotts and boycotts of Israel, and instead supporting a boycott that is consistent with the purposes of the boycott and the boycott campaign,” the suit says.

“The San Diego company has, thus far, not taken any action to implement the boycott in a way that would allow the company to ensure that its support for the BDS campaign is fully transparent,” the complaint states.

SEOS claims that it will seek to have the lawsuit dismissed.

The company, a company that has been at the forefront of the ecommerce business in the US, has been the subject of a number of boycott lawsuits in the past.

Last year, a lawsuit filed by Saks Fifth Avenue and JCPenney, which owns The Fifth Avenue chain, was thrown out by a federal judge in Manhattan, after it was found that the companies did not follow the boycott protocol.