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How to fix a web site’s UX issues after you build a new one

Developer Kyle Roberts has had to figure out how to fix an entire site’s design flaw after he built one.

Roberts had previously built a site for a local nonprofit that would connect donors with grants, and it was easy enough to fix the design issue when he found the issue with his previous site.

It was a relatively simple redesign, but Roberts was surprised by the UX issue when looking at it from a developer’s perspective.

The problem was that he could’t see the sidebar menu, or see the content inside the sidebar.

Roberts didn’t think he had any idea how to improve his site’s overall usability, so he decided to build a completely new site.

The result of this new redesign is a site that is significantly more usable, more intuitive, and easier to navigate.

This is because Roberts is able to see his design decisions as the result of a human-centered design process rather than a human algorithm.

In other words, the redesign is much more intuitive and clear, which helps developers make better decisions.