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Which companies are at the center of an ethics investigation into a state senator’s financial ties to a tech firm?

tulsas attorney general,state senator,senator jeanne mclaughlin,jeanne clinton source ABC news title Tulsa attorney general says his office is investigating a lawmaker who worked as an intern for tech company, which has a $2 billion investment article jeannne clINTON, IA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(BUSKEY)–AUSTIN, Texas–( BUSINESS WIre)–An attorney general’s office in the state of Utah said Tuesday that it is investigating the financial dealings of a former intern who worked for an Austin-based tech firm that has a billion-dollar investment in the startup company that was founded by former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Jeanne Clinsky.

The Utah Attorney General’s Office said in a news release that a former employee of the Utah-based company had filed a complaint with the state’s Ethics Commission on Monday alleging that Clinsky used her position as an employee of a Utah-headquartered company to solicit contributions from the firm’s employees for political purposes.

The office said the complaint was based on a complaint filed by a former Utah employee.

The investigation is separate from a complaint by a public corruption prosecutor in Utah accusing former Utah Attorney Generals Association chairwoman Janine Dillard of improperly accepting contributions from a company that is backed by Clinsky, a former U.S. senator and vice presidential candidate from 2008 to 2012.

The company, San Jose Seo, is the largest investment in Seo Technology, an Austin based startup that has raised $2.4 billion.

San Jose Seoguys founder, former Utah Senator Jeanne Clinksi, is a major donor to the company.

Clinksis husband is also a director of the company, according to its website.

The ethics commission has not announced whether it will take any action related to the complaint.

Clinksi has said she did not know of the allegations and is cooperating with the investigation.

San Francisco-based San Jose Technologies, which makes the security software used by San Jose to connect to the Internet, has also not commented on the complaint but has said it was not aware of the complaint and had not been served with it.

San José Technologies and San Joseseo did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Clinkis spokesman Brian McLeod said in an email that the company was not a party to the suit.

“San Jose is not a named defendant in this matter, nor is San Jose a defendant in any other suit against the Utah Attorney Department,” McLeod wrote.

“San Joseseos general counsel has been fully cooperating with law enforcement and other officials in the investigation of the matter.”