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What’s going on with the Rams’ search for a new coach?

The Rams have hired Jim Caldwell as their new head coach.

They also announced Monday that former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter will become their new offensive coordinator.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Nick Foles will also be the team’s quarterbacks coach. 

Bucs owner Stan Kroenke also announced Tuesday that the team will open training camp this week. 

What does this mean for the Rams? 

Well, for starters, we know what Jim Caldwell’s name means.

He’s an offensive coordinator, which means he’ll be the guy who makes sure the Rams are getting the most out of their talent and are building a team that is competitive and successful. 

In a league that’s already trying to find ways to make it more entertaining, the Rams have the most talented offensive group in the NFL, so that’s going to make them a very competitive team.

They’ve already hired a new head of football operations, Brian Schottenheimer, and the team also announced they will hire former NFL head coach Bill Belichick, who will be their offensive coordinator this year. 

Will they be able to recruit a head coach that can fit the Rams scheme? 

If Jim Caldwell is hired, the chances of the Rams getting a coach with a proven track record is pretty slim.

They were reportedly close to hiring him back in February, but he had to wait until the end of the offseason to take the job.

They have also had some head coaching candidates who didn’t work out, so if the Rams do decide to hire Caldwell, it’s not as certain as it might be if they were to go after someone like Bill Belichick or Nick Folsom. 

But that doesn’t mean the Rams will be unable to get a head coaching candidate that can take over and become the next head coach of the team.

The team has already hired Bill O’Brien, who is known for working with the likes of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

It also has been rumored that O’Neil is also looking for a head football coach, and he did say recently that he wants to bring in a head of coaching, so there is a chance that Caldwell will be able find someone who can help the team in the future. 

Can the Rams win a Super Bowl? 

The Rams have had some issues in the past few years, but if they can turn things around this season, the odds are good that they can make it to the Super Bowl.

That being said, the way things went down last year, there was a lot of skepticism surrounding this franchise going into the season.

The Rams struggled to get into the playoffs for the first time since 2005, but they did make the playoffs the year before and did so in the second round, where they lost to the Arizona Cardinals in the Wild Card round.

They will need to do the same this year, especially if the team wants to go on a run to get to the playoffs. 

The team was projected to make the postseason in 2015, but it didn’t go as far as expected.

That was the first year that the Rams made the playoffs since they went 5-10 that year, but that team went on to win the Superbowl. 

If the Rams can turn that around, they’ll be a very dangerous team to play against, and they have a lot to prove.