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The Milwaukee Seo Company, a $6 Billion Opportunity

An upstart startup company is making waves with its plan to use artificial intelligence to deliver personalized, personalized, and targeted ads on Facebook, according to a report.

The company, which calls itself Milwaukee Seoprint, is one of the biggest players in the market, and the CEO, Scott Jorgensen, said the goal is to bring the ad technology to market in 2020.

The Milwaukee company said it’s currently seeking funding from venture capitalists, angel investors, and private equity firms.

Milwaukee Seos technology is being used by companies including Google, Apple, and Facebook.

It uses algorithms to find users and find their friends to reach them, then uses machine learning to help people find the ads that they want to see.

It said it plans to launch an app for Facebook in 2018, and it has already secured deals with brands like J.

Crew and the Gap.

Milwaukee is also planning to open a data-science and data-marketing lab at its offices in Milwaukee, and Jorgenson said he would like to have employees who are already experts in data science.

The startup’s founders say they will focus on targeting specific groups of users, such as millennials, minorities, and women, and they will use machine learning technology to target those ads more effectively.

The idea behind Milwaukee’s idea is that the technology will help advertisers understand where users are coming from and where they are going, according the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“We think this will be a game-changer in the industry,” Jorgersen said.

“What you’re seeing with Facebook is that people are looking at these ads in their own terms, and that’s what we’re going to do with Milwaukee Seops.”